• Roz Levbarg, PhD

You Weren't Born with an Expiration Date on Your Tush

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I’d say that’s pretty good news considering that my “concealer” has more to conceal these days, and that my mirror reminds me, on a daily basis, just how much the rest of me continues to validate the laws of gravity!

And, what about you?

If you’re still in the workforce, you, too, are probably confronted with your ticking clock, every time you find yourself face to face with all those perky, pony-tailed millennials on a Zoom call. Maybe you just sigh listening to their rapid-fire chat, their buzz words, and a perspective on life that, sometimes, is hard to value. It can really make someone who’s a Gen-Y or a Boomer feel left behind, and maybe even left out.

Sure, we have

to learn some new language, new apps, new systems to keep current, but y’know what? It’s not over yet and here’s why. You have something that they don’t. Hard-earned wisdom from experience, the good and not-so-good, plus your natural gifts, the unique qualities that make you, YOU.

What do I mean by that?

Now’s the time to tap into your ingrained, genetically and culturally hard-wired strengths. Do you have the natural gift of perseverance? Creativity? Enthusiasm? Versatility? Now is the time to step up in a big way, to demonstrate a couple of these.

Put on your positivity pants, stand out at a meeting with a creative idea, and volunteer to map out the solution to a challenge. Or, ask how you may mentor a newer employee in order to demonstrate your leadership skills.

If you’re already a leader, consider your strengths, and partner with a coach to assist you in deciding on your best next step.

And, if you need more proof that you don’t have an expiration date stamped on your lovely derriere, Dr. OZ (not to be confused with Dr. Roz), recently reported in Success Magazine, that “sometime between 2025 and 2035, a typical 95-year-old will look and function like the typical 50 year-old today.” That’s not just something to think about, it’s something to act on, right now…yup….while you’re thinking about it.

Jot down 3 ideas you have for yourself, and let me know what you came up with! I’d love to hear.

……Did you do it yet?

To your being exceptional at any age, Rozlevbarg.com


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