• Roz Levbarg, PhD

Who Says You Have To Make Lemonade From Your Lemons?

These days it’s hard enough to face another day in sweats, let alone think about making fresh-squeezed drinks! I understand. It’s all just too much at this point.

Maybe you’ve lost your job, or have to work remotely and meet via zoom. Maybe you have a college student at home, unexpectedly, or can’t visit your out-of-state mom.

These, my friends, are the lemons of our time.

I know for me, at least, no matter how hard I try, sometimes I just can’t seem to call up my inner Mary Tyler Moore…O.K., I’m dating myself, but you get it.

What lemons are you confronted with these days? Sometimes they come in the form of thoughts or insights, like a few of my friends here. Any of these sound familiar?

Melanie: “It’s sad. My relationships these days are a bit strained, and just not where I want them to be. How can I turn things around?”

Christine: “I just don’t understand it. I’m home every single day. Why don’t I take better care of myself?”

Ellie: “I have to admit it. My job skills are just not up to snuff for what’s needed right now. What should I do? I ‘gotta think about this.”

They, like you, don’t have the answers to their lemon questions right now. But what they DO have with these questions are honest observations. Observations and insights, which, when combined with a dose of honest introspection, go way beyond lemonade. They create the potential for an unlimited number of options, recipes for thirst-quenching outcomes.

Melanie, with her question, creates options to look within herself and her own ways of being, or communicating her concerns to her partner, or just surrendering to the things she can’t change.

Christine has options to exercise some self-compassion, take steps to set boundaries, or allow herself to begin a walking program.

And Ellie’s question can lead her to create a list of skills to explore, reach out to a colleague for help, or research training options.

So, maybe they can’t see how to make lemonade right now, but they’re on the right track to figuring it out. They’re taking advantage of these unusual times to ask themselves challenging questions, to look beyond what’s right in front of their noses. Their questions will provide the impetus for their first steps toward the horizon, one step closer to the meaningful and fulfilling future they, like you, long for.

What are you inspired to make from your lemons? I’d love to hear what you come up with. Let’s have a meaningful conversation and see how we can create an award-winning recipe for your personal and professional success.

To your being exceptional at any age,


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