Certified Professional Life Coach 


Life On A Train, On Schedule…  Mostly


Can you hear the “ding” of the train bell pulling into the station?  So excited to be meeting you here on this particular platform, “Roz Coach Station”, the 4th stop on my life’s journey in the help and health professions.  Let me just grab my suitcase, and while we walk to the café, I’ll share with you the story of how I got here.


First Stop on the Career Train


Learning and teaching have always been important to me. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees early on, allowed me to teach kids of all ages, then teens, during the first 17 years of my working life.  At 41 years old, married and with kids, I made the decision to leave teaching and to go back to college to study occupational therapy. (Brave or risky? We don’t know until we dive in, right?)  My mom had Alzheimer’s at the time, and I knew I’d specialize in geriatrics, which turned out to be immensely fulfilling, and so helpful when it came to directing her care.



The Midlife Train Stop


Two years into my OT career, I embraced the opportunity to be an assistant professor in the department of OT at a large university, and to earn my PhD in educational psychology. What I learned about the brain and individual differences enriches the coaching experience of my clients, and for this I am so grateful.   Well, the career train may appear to have arrived a bit late here, with these changes arriving for me in midlife, but, as I mentioned, the train was on time…mostly!

What I love about OT is its holistic perspective, looking at the client beyond his or her specific injury. Who are they? What’s important to them? With this in mind, as a coach for women in midlife who are seeking to claim their voices at the table and find career happiness, my focus goes way beyond “the office”.  We, as women, are whole beings after all, and what we do for a career, has to work with all aspects we’re connected to in our lives….family, friends, hobbies, and community.  Women who coach with me know these considerations are always in the forefront.


When The Life Train Breaks Down


Surprises are inevitable in midlife, right?  And for me there were a few.  Looking back, it was a challenging time, but those very challenges led me to becoming a certified coach.


Several years after retirement, and adjusting to being single, I met a man whom I thought was going to be my best life partner. I forfeited my OT job in a retirement community, my cozy apartment, and moved out of state to be married to someone who turned out to have some deep-seated issues which prevented him from being the loving, committed partner he had presented himself to be.  After only 12 weeks of marriage, I made the decision to leave and came back to my town.  With no job, and nowhere to live, I moved in with my married daughter.  The devastation and sadness were, at times, unbearable. But here’s how I climbed out of the cloud of hopelessness.


The Coaching Train Pulls Into The Station


After two months of tears plus negative thoughts and images on constant replay in my brain, I had this life-changing conversation with myself.  “You have a decision to make. Someday, when people tell your story, do you want the last line to be, ‘And that’s what happened to Roz’?  Or, do you want a different ending, one that’s positive, hopeful, and strong?”


I knew right then what the answer had to be for me. I was not going to cave! For the next month, I committed to moving forward. Each day I spent several hours on my laptop listening to webinars, talks and classes on positive psychology, energy medicine, law of attraction, personal development, mindset, and coaching.  I created different strategies to control negative thoughts, calm my anxiety and instill positive habits.  My plan worked. It allowed me the clarity to envision what I wanted for myself, reclaimed my confidence and was able to acknowledge my self-worth. Soon, I had a full-time job. In exactly a year-and-a-half after returning home, I found myself living in the largest and best apartment I’d ever had, working at the best job with the highest salary I’d ever had, and best of all, the man who is the love of my life, whom I’m married to today, walked through my door.


I was so grateful for how things turned out, who I’d become. I knew that it was my life’s purpose to apply everything I’d learned from my professional and personal life experience, about building a career, a life, and a heart to help other women achieve their dreams and live their best lives. 


Soon after that, I enrolled in one of the top life coach training programs in the U.S. and became certified so that I could make the biggest difference for you. I’m here for you and it’s my honor to walk beside you on your journey.