Meet Roz!

PhD, CPC, Life Coach & Midlife Mentor

Becoming a coach later in life had its challenges, for sure. However, in my case, the events that led up to that decision were the more challenging ones. Actually, traumatic, unnerving and life-altering would be more accurate.  Back in 2010, after 28 years of marriage and 6 years being single, I married a man whom I thought was going to be my best life partner. After several months of courtship, I was excited to give up my apartment and my job, be married, and move out of state. 


   Unfortunately, after 12 weeks of feeling like I married a stranger, I knew I had to leave.  For whatever reason, some deep-seated emotional and mental pain, unresolved from childhood, ruled his soul and prevented him from interacting in an open, loving way, after crossing the line from courtship to marriage.  It began on day one. The day I told him I was leaving, he just watched, stone-faced, as I walked out the door.   

I returned to my home town, heartbroken, and had to live with my daughter and her family.  I had no job, and was homeless. My ex had cancelled my car insurance and my phone service. My money was tied up in my IRA.  I sat on my daughter’s stoop crying and distraught.

How could someone with a PhD, be homeless sitting on someone’s cement steps in a driveway?   


For many weeks, I was depressed and frequently broke down in tears, until one special morning.   I began thinking about what had happened to me: the loss, the hurt, the humiliation, the shame. At that very moment I asked myself, “Roz, someday when people tell your story, do you want their ending to be, ‘and that’s what happened to Roz!’, or do you want to write a better ending, one that ends with success and love?”

At that moment, I made a decision to write a different ending.  Every morning I put my earphones in and listened intently on my laptop to every webinar, talk, tele seminar and course I could find on positive psychology, energy healing, personal development, you name it!  I created different strategies to control negative thoughts and instill positive habits.   

    Three months later, I felt strong enough, to work part-time.  Soon after I had a full-time job. Best of all, a year-and-a-half after returning to my old neighborhood, I found myself living in the largest and best apartment I’d ever had, working at the best job for the highest salary, I’d ever had, and best of all, the man who is the love of my life, whom I later married, walked through my door. 


    I was so grateful for all that I had created and all that I had become.  I knew that I wanted to give back in some way, and to share all that I had learned about rebuilding a career, a life, a heart.  I knew that becoming a life coach would enable me to make the biggest difference for women. And so, I am here…to serve you in any way I can. 


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