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Coaching professional women in mid-life  who are ready to embrace their age, own their gifts, claim opportunities and create career happiness.

When it comes to your work these days, are you “done” with feeling unappreciated and overlooked? 


Are you ready to embrace your age and stand up for what you have to offer?


Are you ready to reclaim your voice at the table and move up in your profession?


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When we work together, you have the opportunity to discover the gifts already inside you, plus develop the mindset, and skillset for the path ahead, the one that leads to the next exciting chapter. You’ll discover how to show up as the best version of yourself, with confidence, no matter where your career takes you.


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"Roz exhibits one of the highest skills of a Life Coach: the ability to listen, not just to what is said (that's easy), but to what isn't said. Roz listens to the words AND the heart from which those words are spoken. Listening in this way, she is able to draw out one's deepest desires and validate them. What a pleasure to be heard and known in the way Roz coaches."

P.N., Philadelphia

"Roz’s coaching techniques enabled me to move forward in my thinking from a divorce, stuck-in-conflict mindset to a moving-into-a-new-future mindset. Before working with Roz, I was frustrated and angry that no matter what I did or said, my ex continued to interact negatively with me, making no effort to cooperate. As a result of the coaching process, I was able to create more inner peace in my day-to-day life. While my circumstances haven’t changed, how I viewed them has and that made all the difference."

R.S., Philadelphia