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Certified Professional Life Coach 

  • Do you wish there were more hours in the day?


  •  Are you last on your own to-do list?


  • Would you like to reclaim some time just for you, so you can pursue your health goals?

I’d love to help with that! I’m Dr. Roz and as a former occupational therapist, having worked in clinical practice as well as academia, I have seen firsthand, the effects of the non-stop lifestyle in which so many women find themselves today.


As a certified, professional coach, I help professional and entrepreneurial women, 40+, reclaim me-time, so that they can commit to, and finally achieve, their health goals without feeling stressed or guilty.


I appreciate you, and acknowledge all you do for others, day after day, and I invite you to connect with me on a one-to-one conversation, where I’ll share with you a powerful strategy for creating time for that one special activity you just can’t seem to fit in.


    This is a no-sales conversation.  It’s my pleasure to help.


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