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Don’t you just hate the expressions, “midlife” and “middle aged”?  What does that even mean, anyway?  If you’re 45-plus, I say you’re an experience-rich woman. You’ve achieved, created, raised a family, celebrated joys and overcome adversity.  What a journey!


Yet, today, in our youth-oriented society, these outdated terms are still prevalent.  Their meaning and inuendo (you’re over-the-hill) just don’t fit.  Why? Because many women have experienced and overcome the challenges of their predecessors and some new ones, to boot. Despite all their accomplishments, many reach this point in life where they feel there’s a decision they want to make about what’s next for them.

I'm Roz

For some, it’s a feeling of being edged out at work.  Overlooked, now that they’re older.


Some feel burned out or just don’t feel the passion for the work they once loved. 


Many are facing life as an empty nester, feeling the loss of a valued role they so closely identified with, yet know that they’re too young and vibrant to just fold or flounder.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why."         -Mark Twain

You are now on your way to moving forward toward your next chapter!

One thing all of these “overcomers” have in common is the realization that things, at this point in their lives, are going to be very different.  If you have a similar story to the ones mentioned above, perhaps you’re grappling with the question, “What’s next for me?”


Here’s What We’ll Do Together.

Whether you long to discover your life’s calling, or reestablish a life purpose you once embraced, you’ll have the opportunity, through coaching, to not only discover what’s holding you back, but also your innate gifts, the ones already inside.   As we design the path ahead, you’ll practice the mindset and skillset that prepare you to step into your next rewarding chapter, where you’ll show up as the best version of yourself, feeling at home and fulfilled.


Easy Steps to Take Right Now

 "Step Into Your Next Chapter With Confidence:  The 1 thing you need to do right away!"

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"Roz exhibits one of the highest skills of a Life Coach: the ability to listen, not just to what is said (that's easy), but to what isn't said. Roz listens to the words AND the heart from which those words are spoken. Listening in this way, she is able to draw out one's deepest desires and validate them. What a pleasure to be heard and known in the way Roz coaches."

P.N., Philadelphia

"Roz’s coaching techniques enabled me to move forward in my thinking from a divorce, stuck-in-conflict mindset to a moving-into-a-new-future mindset. Before working with Roz, I was frustrated and angry that no matter what I did or said, my ex continued to interact negatively with me, making no effort to cooperate. As a result of the coaching process, I was able to create more inner peace in my day-to-day life. While my circumstances haven’t changed, how I viewed them has and that made all the difference."

R.S., Philadelphia